How To Avoid Filipina Scammers

Filipina Scammers

The Philippines is known for it’s fraud and corruption, and is ranked highly on the NationMaster Government Corruption list. As a result, Zele Investigators Philippines have seen a sharp rise in business from foreign customers. Investigations often focus on partners, brides, girlfriends, and internet dating relationships. Furthermore, with the high degree of fraud in the Philippines, Zele Investigators recommends that you get a background check as an important security decision to avoid Filipina scammers. Proceeding in a personal relationship without one is often very costly. Despite the fraud, there are opportunities in the Philippines for enriching personal relationships. Wonderful girlfriends and brides certainly do exist. Hiring a Philippines private investigator to do a professional background check is an effective way to protect yourself and avoid Filipina scammers!


Most Filipina’s are honest and serious about finding a partner on the dating websites. Unfortunately, some of them turn out to be Filipina scammers, which makes bad press for the online dating sites. Furthermore, many Filipina scammers ask a ‘victim’ to send a small amount of money to buy food, pay for daily living expenses, rent, utilities. Sometimes they even ask for other expenses such as plane tickets, visa fees, medical expenses, or other travel related expenses. Hence, be very careful of any travel related ones, as these typically escalate to include bank deposits, visa/passport fees, transportation expenses, and even immigration & legal fees! Therefore, please remember – NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE YOU MEET ONLINE! 

Filipina Scammer Warning Signs

  • Does she ask for money for a plane ticket or other travel fees?
  • Did she ask for money for food, rent, utilities or school?
  • Does she ask for money for a medical emergency for her or her family?
  • Did she claim to be in love right away?
  • Do they claim to have a travel visa for your country already?
  • Does she ask for bank funds to support a visa request or special immigration fees?
  • Filipina Scammers