Why Conduct an Intellectual Property Investigation?

Intellectual Property (IP) infringement is a growing problem, especially in the Philippines where many of the counterfeit goods are manufactured in these low cost producer countries. Dilution of brand equity and profitability, as well as product health and safety issues are of major concern to most global companies.

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Intellectual Property Philippines Investigations

We have the experience and knowledge of the countries’ culture and laws to make Intellectual Property Investigations the most effective. In addition, some of our services include:

  • Investigation of intellectual property infringement
  • Surveillance at manufacturing, retail, and wholesale locations
  • Market surveys, monitoring and evidence collection

With our Intellectual Property Philippines Investigation service, we can help resolve your IP issues and protect your intellectual property. Contact us for more information.

Intellectual Property (IP)

A category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect.

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines is responsible for the economic, technological, and social-cultural development in PI. Furthermore, this is done by communicating, enabling, and ensuring the effective use of the Intellectual Property System in all levels of society for the creation, protection, utilization, and enforcement of Intellectual Property.

They accept the filing of the application filing and inclusion of application documents in pre-conversion format according to Administrative Instruction 706. They help us guard your intellectual property Philippines.